Finance Minister of Gandaki state stresses need to construct foothpath in Fewa Lake

23rd Nov, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 23: Gandaki Finance Minister Ramji Prasad Baral said that a footpath was needed along the Fewa Lake to prolong the stay of tourists in Pokhara. 

Minister Baral stressed on the need of conducting tourism activities along with the development around the lake as the people of the upper and lower areas are still lagging behind in development despite being close to the lake. He said, "The construction of tourist infrastructure including roads will be the priority of the state government."

Ward Chairman Mitra Lal Baral said that the budget could not be managed in the area due to Corona and urged to maintain the standard of 30 to 35 meters of Fewa Lake. 

UCPN (M) Central Ward In-Charge Tribhuvan Poudel, Ward Committee Chairman Nawaraj Baral, Chairman of Andu Toll Development Institution Dipendra Gurung and member Matrika Prasad Baral expressed the collective view that the road to Andu was the first need.