Finance Minister of Gandaki state to initiate in opening new tourist destination

11th Oct, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Oct 11: Gandaki Finance Minister Ramji Baral said that economic prosperity could be achieved through tourism. At a program organized by Pokhara Tourism Council on the occasion of Dashain, Tihar and Chhath, Minister Baral said that the state government was ready to engage in tourism development by cooperating with the private sector as tourism is the basis of economic prosperity.

He said that he would take initiative to open new tourist destinations including Hima Griha and Ratna Mandir in Pokhara to revive the tourism which was slowed down by the pandemic. He pointed out the need for a fast track to take tourists to a safe destination after the international airport.

Pointing out the need to uplift tourism from subsistence-oriented and neutral thinking, he stressed on the need to formulate an action plan through discussions between the private sector and the government to make the 'Happy Nepali, Prosperous Nepal' campaign a success.

Stating that he would take initiative to address the complaints of lack of necessary assistance from banks and financial institutions to the entrepreneurs facing the problems due to pandemic, he also pointed out the need for a state level bank.

Ward President of Ward No. 6, Vice President of Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gokarna Karki, Vice President of the Council Pom Narayan Shrestha, Secretary Taranath Pahari and others expressed their views on the need for revival of tourism.