First Nepal-India trade fair and Tourism Festival  kicked off

6th Mar, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KANCHANPUR, March 6: The first Nepal-India Trade Fair and Tourism Festival kicked off Sunday at a parade ground in Dehradun, the provincial capital of Uttarakhand, India.

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The festival organised by the Kanchanpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry has showcased stalls relating to domestic and foreign products, daily commodities, tourism info and packages and Nepali art and culture, agro products, handicrafts and food items.

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The organiser believed that such type of expo would help reduce a huge trade deficit between the two countries and promote Nepali goods and products in Indian markets. More, it provides a platform for the business community of two different localities (Kanchanpur and Dehradun) for having a meeting and an interaction, chamber senior vice president Janga Bahadur Malla said.

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The festival will run until March 11 and is promoted by the Ministry of Commerce and Trade, the Export Promotion Center and the Nepal Tourism Board.

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