First women journalists everest expedition 2018: A profile of Kalpana Maharjan

29th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

The “First Women Journalists Everest Expedition 2018”.  is a group of five women involved in the field of journalism in various media who are making the attempt to climb the Mount Everest as a novel way of raising voice for equality. They are climbing Mount Everest under the attempt under the slogan “Unified Voice for Equity”, meaning that their attempt is to raise awareness for the equality of all people, undifferentiated by race, caste, community, or gender.

The expedition is being conducted by a group of five women working under different media organizations. Rosha Basnet, 29, is currently working in the Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS), Priya Laxmi Karki, 27, works for News 24 Television as a sports journalist, Kalpana Maharjan, 33, is a Senior Program Presenter and Producer for Megha Television, While Rojita Buddhacharya, 26, is currently a host for television show “Aaja ko Bigyaan (Today’s Science)” on Nepal Television, while Deuralee Chamling, 35, is working as a freelance journalist after more than a decade working under various media banners.

Kalpana Maharjan is the leader of the First Women Journalists Everest Expedition 2018 (FWJEE18). She is a mother to a young boy, and also the most experienced trekker and mountain climber in the group. She is the first female trekking guide from her community who has successfully passed the difficult Manslu and Lharke pass. She is actively working for the promotion of tourism in Nepal, and is a strong proponet of women’s rights, with the aim to make a distinct contribution to the field of women’s development.

Maharjan has had a fruitful and prolific career in the field of journalism, having worked as a tourism journalist for eight years. She has additionally been involved in various organizations relating to tourism and journalism. She is the Founding President of Lalitpur Tourism Study and Promotion Society, President of Siddhipur Tourism Development Committee, Joint Treasurer of Tourism Journalists Forum (TJF) Nepal, and a Member of Newa Journalist National Davu. She is also the Managing Director of Padmasambhava Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Her dedication to her work as a journalist and as an active member of her community can be seen in her various achievements through the course of her career. She was awarded the Tourism Journalism Award in 2014. She is also the winner if International Inter Media Rock Climbing 2012 and 2013. Maharjan is a willful and passionate individual who puts all her heart and soul into her endeavours. She has longed to climb Mt. Everest for a number of years and even attempted to do so in 2014, the first member of FWJEE18 to do so. However, during her training, she faced an accident while climbing the Mera Peak, going into coma for 7 days. It took her 7 weeks to return to normal condition. At present, she believes that she has been given a second life and that she has lived to climb Mount Everest.