Five-year tourism infrastructure for Malika Village Municipality

28th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

MYAGDI, Aug 28: Malika Village Municipality has introduced a five-year master plan for the development of tourism. The master plan proposes an investment of 75 million rupees for basic infrastructure development of the tourist destinations of Malika as well as plans to study the condition and issues of the destinations to develop their potential.

[caption id="attachment_19199" align="alignnone" width="1045"] The master plan has prioritized the construction of trekking routes, homestay facilities, hotels, as well as resting places for tourists in the Malika region. The municipality contains various tourist attractions like the Baraha Lake, Sole Danda, Duru Lek, Gaikharka Lake, Devtabhir, etc. which have remained relatively unknown due to insufficient promotion and infrastructure.[/caption]

A trekking route has been planned from Pachai in Beni Municipality through Mangala, Todke, Bim Baraha, Niskot Barah, Soledanda, and Devtabhir amongst other places. Ruum, Bim, Devisthan, and Niskot have been planned destinations for homestay villages. A team of tourism experts prepared the master planĀ  by visiting the sites and discussing with the interest groups as well.