Foodmandu Organizing Online Food Festival

22nd Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Dec 22: Foodmandu, the first food delivery company of Nepal, is organizing an online food festival in late-December.

The food festival, which is being sponsored by Khukuri Rum and co-sponsored by Somersby, is taking place from 22nd December to 5th January. A total of 33 restaurants are taking part in the festival.

Participants of the festival will get a free bottle of Coca-Cola for ordering food. 50 customers will be given Somersby cider each day for the duration of the festival.

Similarly, participants who order for more than Rs. 1000 will get 2 coffee coupons. There will also be no delivery charge on Foodmandu items for the duration of the festival, informed Foodmandu CEO, Manohar Adhikari.

Foodmandu will also offer attractive prizes to customers with the biggest order of the day and also the entire festival, and also customers who order the most number of times through the duration of the festival.

The festival also includes the chance to win discount vounchers by playing online games and Facebook competitions. Details of the festival for those interested in participating can be found on