Foreign investment pours in for Nepali hotel sector

18th Jun, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jun 18: In one month, three major hotels have planned to bring foreign investment in Nepal. Three large hotels have proposed to invest a total of one and a half billion rupees in the month of June-July.

According to Khagendra Basnet, Superintendent of the Industry Department, Indian investors have proposed an investment of 500 million rupees to build a hotel in Kavre. Similarly, foreign investors are going to invest for another hotel by investing 50 million in Kathmandu.

Another Indian group is also investing in a hotel, making rafting as a basis of attraction. According to Basnet, this group is investing than 350 million rupees.

"Now the charm of investing in hotel by foreign investors has begun. There was a similar situation before earthquake and blockade," he said, adding that, "These investments in tourism sector are very encouraging."

He said that political stability has played huge role in the increasing foreign investment. As the government is giving special importance to tourism sector, the foreign investments in the hotel has been possible.