Four Foreigners Stranded At Tumling Rescued

21st Oct, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

HUMLA, Oct 21:Seven tourists, including four foreigners stranded at Tumling of Namkha rural municipality in north Humla, have been rescued by helicopter. 

They were airlifted to Simkot from Tumling today. They had been stuck there due to heavy snowfall for three days. Four Slovenians and their three Nepali trekking guides were stranded there as they could not trek through the Nyalu pass. 

The rescued Slovenians are three males Bernik Stojen, Grosoj Viktor, Kotinok Lvam and one female Lapanja Castellic Danijela.

They have been rescued by an Air Dynasty chopper and brought to Simkot, the headquarters of Humla district.
It is said it has been 13 days since they had trekked towards the Limi area from Simko.

Meanwhile, six other Nepalis who were stranded at Tumling will travel on foot and mules towards Simkot from today with the improvement in the weather, said Asim Tamang, one of the Nepali trekking guides.