Free Wifi spot at Kathmandu Metropolitan for VNY

24th Jan, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU,Jan 24: Free wifi spots are set to be put up on some locations in Kathmandu Metropolitan City for Visit Nepal 2020. Worldlink are going to be the providers of these free wifi spots. 

Bidhya sundar Shakya, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Bijay kumar Jalan, Director of Worldlink  have already made an agreement.
This project’s aim is to make it easier for tourists to navigate the city and if they have access to the internet in times of any difficulty.  Free wifi spots will be set up on Chabahil’s  Boudha Stupa, Sankhamul’s Sankha park, Baneshwar’s Chhakkubakku park, Basantapur, Boudha, Hanumandhoka, Pashupati, Balaju’s Baisdhara park, Shankadhar Park, and Swyambhunath.

The number of tourists’ arrival are different in every place so the limit of users of the free wifi will be set accordingly. 200 – 500 users at once in Boudha, 200 – 300 in Basantaur and Swoyambhunath, 200 – 700 in Baisdhara, 50 – 200 in 200 and 200 – 700 in Pashupati.