Frequent tiger spotting in BNP draws more tourists

16th May, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BARDIYA May 16 : The number of tourists visiting the Bardiya National Park has shot up dramatically with a sudden growth in the frequency of tiger spotting.

The domestic and foreign tourists have not been let down, and they are getting to see tigers roaming in the wild more often.

BNP has stated that tigers, rhinos and wild elephants are seen more often these days. On the other hand, the hotel entrepreneurs in and around the BNP are elated with the prospect of serving more customers.

With the scorching summer heat in full swing, tigers are seen coming out of the undergrowth to take a splash in the rivers and ponds and thereby making it easier for the jungle guides and tourists to spot them. Tigers are seen more often along the

Tigers are seen more often along the Bhangalo bank of Karnali river every day, BNP Acting Chief Conservation Official, Ramesh Thapa said.

The BNP has five mature tigers, six premature tigers, 37 rhinos, more than 100 wild elephants and 30,000 spotted deer. BNP is the largest conservation area in Tarai with its boundaries straddling 968 square kilometers.

The BNP will soon be making public the population of tigers following the conclusion of a census conducted recently.