GATE College becomes Member of the EHL Network of Certified Schools

1st Jan, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 01: The Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education, GATE has gone through constant growth in the past 14 years. Its a  National and International Award-winning Vocational and Undergraduate academy, training students to work at all entry-level jobs in the Hospitality industry.  

 To it’s great credit GATE admitted onto its Mandikatar Campus students from 19 nationalities, creating an international learning environment for the Nepalese youth.

They have obtained world-class trainers, equipment, and opportunities to serve the students.  These students are coming from cities and villages with no discrimination to their economic status. They are truly indebted to their original DREAM TEAM support for their vision and belief that this new hands on way of education was possible. They also value the continued belief in the vision and results shared by our valued stakeholders, without which this dream would not have been possible. 

Starting today (01/01/21) ,GATE  will be a Member of the EHL Network of Certified Schools ( GATE is now a partner in Switzerland’s first Hospitality pioneer certification program that was established in 1893.  This certification program was founded by Jacques Tschumi, and developed to its international standards by the Swiss Hotel Association.   EHL ranks #1 in the QS global hospitality education raking. 
The college is humbled and immensely proud to be a Certified Member of the #1 Center of Excellence for Hospitality Education in the World.

With this new recognition GATE will further strengthened the quality standards taught on its campus and Nepal will be known for its high standards of trained personnel for the Global Hospitality Industry. This recognition gives Nepali youth more opportunities in the world to show off our rich culture and elevate them in society because of their own mastery.