Gautam Buddha: An Awakened Human born in Nepal

20th Sep, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

What is the meaning of Buddha? The word “Buddha” is meant as an “Awakened Human”. Siddhartha Gautam awakened by resigning all the bliss of his palace by abandoning his greed, jealousy, pride, delusion, and anger. He became famous by dispersing ‘Hymns of Peace’.

The birthplace of Gautam Buddha is in Lumbini which is located in Nepal. He was the first baby born in 623 BC by Kapilvastu's king Suddhodhan and mother Mayadevi. When Mayadevi was on a way to reach dev Daha from her mother’s home, Tilaurakot palace, she gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam at the side of pond Pushkarini. In Lumbini, there is still a presence of Mayadevi temple. In the temple, during BC of the 3rd century to the 7th century, there is a presence of destroyed architectural pieces. The stone statue made during the birth celebration of Buddha is also there. There is also the statue of the 4th century which shows the reflection of the vision of Siddhartha Gautam's birth. The temple shows Mayadevi holding a tree branch for support and in the left side, her sister Prajapati is present whereas at both side Debgand is welcoming and in middle is Gautam Buddha is there.

At the surroundings of the temple, there are the destroyed pieces of Bihar's architecture. In the south, there is a Chautari, where mendicants chants Buddhists hymns. At the outside of the temple, there is Ashoka pillar built by Samrat Ashokain 249 BC where there is written, here in Lumbini, the intellectual Buddha was born. During 1992-1996, the researchers had found pillars and stones while searching the Lumbini area. In 1997, UNESCO declared Lumbini as World Heritage Sites. In 1967, the Chief of the UN has traveled Lumbini.

In 1978, Japanese architecture professor Kenjo Taange made a plan about Lumbini. According to his plan, 1155 Bigha land was distributed in three parts. In the land scattered about 3 miles north-south, north part was declared new LUMBINI village, at the middle as Bihar area and the south, Mayadevi temple.

Lumbini is a large area so, it is better to travel through tempo, rickshaw, cycle or taxi. In the mid-part, there is a dam. At about 1600m of the dam, the boat is also driven. At the one edge of the dam, there is indestructible peace light where there is Lumbini museum too. Before many years, there used to be many more hotels in Lumbini because after traveling it was a need to stay in Bhairahawa. Now with the budget, there are 31 hotels. According to Lilamani Sharma, Chairman of Siddhartha Hotel Association Lumbini, there are about 1600 hotels. The price of the room is about Rs. 500 to 12000. Also, there is a room where more than 5 to 10 people can stay.

In the budget hotel to travel with a 2-night stay, it costs Rs. 5500 which includes travel expenses of LUMBINI bus fee also. The Buddha's statue is made from strong woods and mud. The distance from Kathmandu to Lumbini is about 325 km. From Kathmandu to Lumbini, a bus is available whereas up to Bhairahawa we can travel through flights. Lumbini is about 20km far from Bhairahawa. In Bhairahawa, we can easily find transportation vehicles to reach Lumbini.