General Manager of NAC issues statement regarding the agitation

23rd Sep, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 23: General Manager of Nepal Airlines Corporation Dim Prasad Poudel has issued a statement regarding the agitation by the employees of the Nepal Airlines Corporation and remarked that no agreement could be reached as it was led to fulfill vested interest of people.

He alleges that no organization has shown interest even after repeated calls for talks from the management considering the legal right to express one's views peacefully and raise voice for professional rights.

He also mentioned that the repeated attempts made by the concerned ministry for talks were not taken seriously, even the employees who wanted to work in the corporation were not allowed to go to work by closing the main gate, and even the employees who were loyal to their work were dragged into the agitation. They have committed inhumane and criminal acts such as cutting off electricity, water, telephone and internet while there are employees inside the office without even considering the minimum standards of the workers' movement.

It is clear that the movement has been driven by frustration and motivation rather than the interests of the corporation as high-level employees were not allowed to enter the office and day-to-day operations of the corporation were obstructed, the statement said. They have also requested the employees not to tarnish their own and the future of the corporation in order to weaken the leadership of the corporation and incite the group ready to fulfill their selfish interests.

The statement has also mentioned the actions that has been obstructed by the movement which includes; Necessary preparations for ground handling services of Gautam Buddha International Airport and Pokhara International Airport licensed by the Corporation, preparatory work to be done in connection with the implementation of IFRS system in the corporation and preparations for the implementation of the pass so that there will be an online ticketing system.

Similarly, the whole process of selecting MRO for A320 engine maintenance,  DDS work of the corporation to be done as per the instructions of the Ministry of Finance, work of formulating the budget and annual program of the Fiscal Year 2078/79, and works to be done in coordination with the Ministry of Finance to pay the debt obligations of the corporation has been obstructed.

The works related to discussion and reply to the report of the Auditor General has been expired due to agitation. Also, All the work related to coordinating with the Government of Nepal to increase the number of aircrafts for domestic and international flights by implementing the 10 year business plan prepared by the management of the corporation and approved by the board of directors has been affected.