Global IME bank launches its branchless banking service in Kanchanpur

12th Jan, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 12: Global IME Bank has launched a new branchless banking service in Kaluwapur Bazaar of Kanchanpur. With the launch of this branchless banking service, the number of branchless banking services of the bank has reached 244.

The branchless banking service launched in Kaluwapur Bazaar was jointly inaugurated by Hari Bahadur Gairal, Chairman of Kaluwapur Market Management Committee and Mukunda Prasad Bhatta, Head of Far Western Regional Office of the Bank. Gangaram Rana has been appointed as the representative of the branchless banking service.

From the branchless banking service, local residents of various rural areas of the country will be able to avail banking services through local representatives. From this, they will be able to open deposit account, deposit and withdraw up to the prescribed limit, get information about the balance in their account, pay interest on the loan, pay Ncell, NTC, Dishhome, CDMA, UTL, NEA tariff, mobile recharge and other services.

Global IME Bank has launched branchless banking services in these areas to alleviate the compulsion of the residents of these areas, where agriculture, remittances and tourism are the main sources of income, to travel far and wide to avail banking services. Global IME Bank aims to reach out to more than 2.1 million customers through its network of 264 branches spread across 73 districts, 240 ATMs, 47 extension counters and revenue collection counters, 244 branchless banking services and 3 international representative / liaison offices.