Global IME Bank to provide soft loan to Nepalese returning from Korea

13th Aug, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 13: Global IME Bank Limited has signed a memorandum of understanding with Ankur Nepal to provide concessional loans to entrepreneurs involved in various professions after returning from Korea.

The MoU has been signed by Ratna Raj Bajracharya, Chief Executive Officer of the Bank and Lal Prasad Bhattarai, Chairman of Ankur Nepal. Concessional loan agreement was signed between Bank and Ankur Nepal for running campaign to provide full employment and prosperity by assisting the entrepreneurs who have returned to Nepal due to the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Also the agreement will help the youths to utilize the skills and income earned in Korea and to create business and employment in the country. 

This understanding will help the youths who have returned home with skills and experience from foreign employment to become self-employed by making good use of the skills, experience and capital acquired from abroad by combining it with entrepreneurship. For this, the bank will provide various banking services easily and conveniently.

Global IME Bank aims to provide access to banking services to all sectors and classes across the country and abroad. The bank has 280 branches, 248 ATMs, 257 branchless banking services, 47 extension and revenue collection counters and 3 foreign representative offices in 76 districts. The center is providing services to more than 2.3 million customers.

Similarly, the Bank is making significant contribution to the economy of the country by bringing remittances from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, India, Jordan, Hong Kong and other countries.