Gokulam Resort: Flourishing resort in Morang

27th Oct, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

MORANG:Gokulam Resort, 3 kilometers from bazaar is now flourishing as sprouting number of visitors are visiting it and it is serving in the development of tourism in Morang.


Gokulam Resort was made passable in year 2071 B.S. by Radhe Shyam Poudel followed by others three local people of Itahari and till now there is no decrease in number of visitors visiting it the City Rickshaws also have added facility to the people who easily can go to the resort.


"The major attraction of the resort is boating and ferry rides and this place is perfect to take perfect photograph." said Aakriti Bhattarai, one of the visitors from Biratnagar.

gokulam-resort-tmail-morang-nepal-6Gokulam resort has Kids Zone and entry ticket to Kid Zone is rupees thirty (Nrs) only. Boating, Cartoon sculptures, fountains, restaurant in the middle of pond are the major attraction of the resort. The visitors are seen taking photographs and enjoying the artificial beauty.

The resort is always filled up with visitors who come to enjoy picnic with their families and friends for get together. "The resort is visited by visitors of small age to old age." said the working staff of the resort, Ram Regmi. It has also been a best outing location for couples. "We visit here every time when we get to and this place is best outing location for married couples like us." said newly married couple Anisha and Saroj.

The resort has restaurant in it where the foods are served by differently able people at very reasonable price. The entry ticket of Gokulam is rupees twenty five (Nrs) per person.