Gorkha Epicenter Trail trek successfully concluded

30th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Apr 30: The Gorkha Epicenter Trail inauguration trek, organized by the Dharche Manaslu Tourism Development Committee, has successfully concluded on April 28. The trek, which started on April 22, touches parts of lower Manaslu including Dharche, Swanra, Laprak, and Machhakhola.

The Gorkha Epicenter Trail was designed around the epicenter of the earthquake of 2015, during which the northern areas of Gorkha had faced much devastation. The region has been rehabilitated considerably and the trek was organized by the Dharche Manaslu Tourism Development Committee to observe and study the effects of the earthquake and to promote the villages in the area.

The trekking team was comprised of 8 participants including the executive team of Dharche Manaslu Tourism Development Committee, Sane Gurung (President), Lekhnath Sapkota (Vice-President), Muktinath Dhakal (Secretary), Bir Lal Gurung (Member), Yedu Adhikari (Civil Activist), Gyan Bahadur Pariyar, Prashant Pradhan (Photojournalist), Rajiv Prajapati (Journalist).

The Gorkha Epicenter Trail started at Thotneri Homesttay, Swanra, and went on through Nyeulikharka, Dharche Hill, Sumbekharkha and on to Laprak and Gumda. The team also visited the site of the ancient Bhirkot fort, which lay at a height of 2482 meters before the earthquake, but was totally demolished, causing the Bhirkot hill to fall to 2400 meters.  The trek then moved through Lapsibot Village and Machhakhola before ending at Soti.

The trail takes one upto a height of 3220 meters at Dharche hill top, which is the center point of the entire trek. From the location, one can view a panoramic scene of 25 mountains including Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Ganesh, among others. The trail is full of natural beauty and allows the observation of various flora and fauna including various herbs and different varieties of the Guras flower. The route moves through various different villages where one can observe and understand the local Gurung culture, including Lapsibot, Gumda, Thanagaun, etc. The Gorkha Epicenter Trail can allow one to experience some of the mountains and the hills, as well as the local rural culture.