Government decides to provide permission for mountain climbing

1st Aug, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 01: The government has decided to allow tourists to climb the mountain. According to the Department of Tourism, mountaineering, which has been closed since March 24 due to the pandemic of Covid 19, has been reopened.

The department has stated that it will allow those who want to climb the mountain based on the decision of the cabinet. "If you come to get permission to climb the mountain, we will give it," the Department's Director Mira Acharya said. "We have made the PCR report mandatory when it comes to getting permission."

Although the department has said it will allow anyone to climb the mountain, the government has now imposed a travel ban from one district to another. The government has been saying that vehicles with urgent work can come with a pass. Acharya, Director of the Department, says that the department will make internal arrangements to go from one district to another at the local level.

"We have also talked to some locals. The local level has also said that it is possible to climb the mountain on the basis of PCR. We will also facilitate with the concerned local level after giving permission, ”she said. The government had decided to open a tourist area and business from July 30.