Government decorates Secretariat of Visit Nepal Year 2020

14th May, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 14: After the announcement of Secretariat of Visit Nepal Year 2020 in Keshar Mahal, the historical building, is being decorated. The work of painting the walls of the library of  Keshar Mahal is being done.


The coordinator of Visit Nepal Year, Suraj Baidhya said that Keshar Mahal is choose as the secretariat of  Visit Nepal Year in order to conserve our centuries old national heritage. The devastating earthquake of 2072 had destroyed the backside part of the library but the place provided for the secretariat is not damaged and can be utilized. Various centuries old decoration pieces like closet, chairs and tables  are kept there in the building.

CEO of Nepal Tourism Board(NTB), Deepak Raj Joshi said that those old arts and materials should be preserved and after establishing secretariat in such place our historical aspects will be highlighted.