Government determines the rate of helicopter companies

11th Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 11: The government has determined the rates for the helicopter companies. As there are no fixed criteria for the helicopter companies, the government has set a new rate while helicopter companies are accused of charging the rates as per their personal interest.



Specifically, the government has sent a letter to the relevant body for action against some company; travel agencies and hospitals as helicopter used in tourist search and rescue have charged the rated on the basis of their personal interest.

As per the new rates the helicopters working for the rescue will charge 2 thousand dollar per hour in 40 areas of Everest, 44 of Annapurna, 15 of Manaslu,10 of  Kanchanjinga 10, 4 of Dhaulagiri 4, and 8 of Dolpa and Terai whereas 1500 dollar will be charged for the normal use of helicopter in 77 districts.

Director General of the Nepal Tourism Department, Danduraj Ghimire, informed that the helicopter's rent was determined based on the report of the investigation committee formed by the government to make tourist search and rescue work effective. The department has sanctioned the rates fixed by the Nepal Air Corporation, which has been conferred with the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).