Government of Nepal to set 88 Weather Info. Center

30th Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 30 : With the rise in plane crash and reports prepared after the aviation accident pointing the lack of information regarding the weather resulting the accidents Government of Nepal is set to establish 88 more weather information center. The government has claimed that these automated information centers will give the true information which will contribute in reducing the aviation disaster.


Though the government made the announcement it is yet to set the locations where the information centers will be set. But the government officials claim that these information centers will help in prediction and secure the flight.

“These weather information centers will predict the weather of coming 7 days which will help to make secure flight,” quoted Gorkhapatra daily.

Cloud height, prediction of rain in flight route, temperature, rainfall, air pressure, sunrise, suitable for agricultural information, storms, snowfall, and flood information will provide by these Weather Information Center. Till this date 0nly 6 automatic weather forecasting are existing which predict the weather of coming 3 days.