Government releases new mid-term goals for tourism sector

19th Jun, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jun 19: The government has set a target to gain a profit of Rs. 155 billion and 350 million for the tourism sector yearly. The government has made its mid-term goals public, which states an aim of attracting 2 million tourists to the country yearly within three years, and to improve tourism earnings to 150 billion yearly.
The goal for tourist intake in the fiscal year 2075/76 is 1.2 million tourists and for fiscal year 2076/77 is 1.6 million tourists. The number of tourists entering the country last year is 953 thousand while the total earnings in the tourism sector was Rs. 5.4 billion.
The government is aiming to bring the benefits of the tourism industry to the rural and remote areas of the country as well. The average length of stay of tourists is also being targeted to increase to 14.7 days within three years, and to increase the average daily spending of each tourist to $66. The average spending of a tourist last year was measured at $53, while the average length of stay was found at 13.4 days.
The government also aims to increase the total contribution of the tourism sector to the national GDP to 4%. the current contribution of the tourism sector to Nepal's GDP is 3%. Similarly, it aims to increase the number of employments in the tourism sector to 160 thousand from its current number of 95 thousand.