Government sets agendas for Nepal Tourism Year

10th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 10: The government has targeted 100 places as a major tourist destination with the aim of celebrating the Nepal Tourism Year 2020. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has also helped to make the necessary arrangements for the state government and the local bodies to help identify the destinations and promote those destinations.

Based on the suggestions received from the local body and the state government, the aim of identifying 100 tourist destination is to make Nepal Tour year effective.In order to promote the Nepal Tour year, government has decided to do promotion campaign through media of India and China, Digital media, and international agencies. In particular it will be spreading Nepal's promotional propaganda in the BBC, CNN and other international media. Likewise, promotional activities will also be done through conveying messages in the magazines of international flights of the airlines companies.

The government will be inviting more than 1 thousand international media and tour operators. Due to this propaganda, the citizens of different countries of the world can also believe that they are going to visit the country in same investment. Such tour operators have also been aiming to provide information about tourist in Nepal by visiting Nepal. For promotion of similar campaign, Nepalese International Foreign Organization, non-resident Nepali Association, Nepal-friendly International Association, has also been cooperating for Nepal's promotion.

In the major destinations  necessary manpower development to provide quality services and collaboration in capacity enhancement, new destinations, identification of resources, development and promotion and cooperation in branding, at least 10 main destinations or activities, festival celebrations, the packaging and promotion of the festival will be made. Journalists, celebrities, and tour operators have also been aiming to make this tour successful.


The government has been developing software in advance, Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Russian languages ​​for tourism promotion. The websites are based on broad publicity. The government will also promote Nepal through social networks.

The government has been promoting tourism by keeping Ramyan Circuit, Buddhist Circuit and Shiv Circuit in special priority. It will promote the area from Janakpur to Ayodhya, from Lumbini to Bodhgaya, Sarnath Kushinagar and Pashupatinath to Baranasi.

Although the government set various goals there are no goals on managing air traffic yet. The problem in the major tourist destinations is the same. The construction of physical infrastructure is not considered. The development of hotels and restaurants is not considered. Tourism promotion has not been taken seriously. The government's goal has to be difficult to complete.