Government to put together committee to identify 100 tourism destinations

6th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 06: The government is putting together a committee to fulfill its recently declared goal of identifying 100 different tourism destinations in the country. The decision was made from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation.

Ministry spokesperson Ghanashyam Upadhyay said that the committee will be formed under the initiative of the planning department of the ministry of tourism, and will include members from the Tourism Board, the Archaeology Department, and other related bodies.

For identifying tourism destinations, the committee will first make a public call for data and entries and then study them, going on to make the necessary plans for infrastructure and promotions. The government's plan to identify and promote 100 different tourism destinations in the country has been motivated by its declared aim to attract 2 million tourists in the year 2020.

The plan includes adding attractions and strategies to increase the length of tourist stay, and to continually identify destinations and develop them year-on-year. Entrepreneurs had been making points about the lack of variety in new destinations for a while. The government will be seeking to determine at least 10 destinations in each state, and to allocate budget accordingly, said Minister of Tourism, Rabindra Adhikari.