Government to renew NMA's rights to administration over 12 mountains

5th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 05: The government has decided to hand over the management responsibilities for 12 mountains to the Nepal Mountaineering Association once again. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation submitted a proposal to the Ministers' Cabinet to renew the mountain administration rights of the NMA to 12 mountains for another 5 years.

The Ministers' Council had passed the proposal after discussion with the Economic and Infrastructure Committee. The government has regarded the issue 9 months after the NMA's rights had expired. The NMA has to gain renewal of permission to manage 12 of the 27 mountains that it has been looking over.

The renewal of administration rights was in the air for 9 months due to debates over clear procedures and law regarding mountaineering administration and royalties as the country moved into federal structure. The mountains that the NMA is regaining administration rights to include Cholatse (6440 m), Kyajo Ri (6186 m), Nirekha (6186 m), Ombigaichan (6340 m), Bukta (6143 m), Chekigo (6257 m), Pharilapcha (6017 m), Lobuche West (6145 m), Larkya Peak (6416 m), Mt. Abi, and Mt. Yubra (6035 m).