Government to start action on plan to develop 100 tourism destination in next fiscal year

26th Jun, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 01: The government is starting action on its plan to develop 100 tourism destinations within the country from the coming fiscal year. Keeping in mind its tourism development policies and also the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign, it is starting work on developing new tourism destinations.

Tourism Minister Rabindra Adhikari said in a parliament meeting that he is starting action from the coming economic year to develop 100 destinations across the country, ensuring at least 10 in each state. He stated his main focus as the speedy renovation of architectural heritages, development of homestay program, promotion of relitious tourism, and tourism promotion targeting neighbouring countries for the success of the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign.

Minister Adhikari also mentioned his plans to complete the construction of Gautam Buddha Airport within a year, Pokhara Regional International Airport within 3 years, and to move forward with the construction of Nijgadh International Airport as soon as possible.

He also informed that the five national pride projects under the tourism ministry have been allocated the necessary budget, and that plans are under development to allow citizens in remote areas will have the access of aviation facilities. The government has also brought in a plan to build one major airport in each state. Minister Adhikari informed that he has started process to build a regional-level airport in Karnali State.

The budget for the next economic year includes more than a billion rupees for airport construction. Tourism development and promotion activities have been allocated Rs. 5 billion and 203.4 million while aviation sector development have been allocated a total budget of Rs. 19 billion and 350 million.