Government urges to identify 100 trekking routes

9th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 09: The government has demanded application for identifying 100 trekking route for internal and external tourism promotion. For identifying the route, the government has requested to present the required documents regarding the routes till August 13 in Nepal Tourism Board.

A committee has been formed under Nita Pokharel Aryal, the Chief coordinator of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Ministry.The same committee will be recommending for the post-path received on Board within 13th August. The government will be organizing special campaign for internal and external tourism promotion as per the slogan "Pahila Desh ani Bidesh".

Similarly, the government has already planned to identify 100 new destinations within the current fiscal year and to invite 2 million tourists in 2020. Tourism minister Rabindra Adhikari has said that 10 tourist destinations will be identified in each province. The new tourist destinations will help to attract tourists from India, China and other countries.