Green Generation Jhapa organizing Kakarbhitta-Shree Antu trek

19th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Apr 19: Green Generation Jhapa is organizing a trek from Kakarbhitta to Shree Antu, Ilam for promoting tourism in the area. The event has the official aim of promotion of trekking, agricultural tourism, and local culture and traditions. The trek will cover a distance of 42 km.

The event will have the participation of 70 tourism experts and journalists from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Bhutan, said coordinator Santosh Subedi. The three-day trek will start on April 20 at Kakarbhitta, with night stay at Sakalpur on the first day, reaching Shree Antu on the second, and end with viewing the sunrise at Shree Antu on the morning of the third day.

The trekking route will pass through Bahundangi Bazaar-Mini Mountain-Krishna Thumki, then on to Sakalpur, after which it will move through Siddhi River and a bath at Dobhan, Mechi River. It wil lthen move to Shree Antu through Sungtung, where the trek will end.

President of Green Generation, Arjun Kumar Karki, said that the trek will allow for the observation of wildlife diversity along the route and to study the Mechi corridor. "The trek is being organized to promote tourism by identifying the trekking route," he said, "we hope to improve the economic state of the region through the promotion of tourism."

General Secretary Pushkar Dhakal said that the event is estimated to cost Rs. 827 thousand. The trek has been financially supported by Mechinagar Municipality of Jhapa, Ring Village Municipality of Ilam, Suryodaya Municipality, Tourism Office Kakarbhiitta, Shubha Chiya Cooperative, and Mini Mountain Tourism Development Committee among others.