HAN working to globalize Nepali cuisine

15th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 15: The Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) is promoting 23 traditional Nepali food dishes in the global arena under the Nepalese Cuisine Campaign. The campaign aims to promote Nepali tourism by globalizing Nepali cuisine.

General Secretary of HAN, Binayak Shah, started the campaign on October of last year working in close coordination with Karna Shakya, who is leading the Experience Nepal 2018 campaign. Shah says that the aim of the Nepalese Cuisine Campaign is to bring the food culture of Nepal to the global arena, and establishing them in the same level as foods of Italy, China, etc.

The list of 23 dishes was developed by a team of 7 top chefs of Nepal which include the previous President of Chefs Association of Nepal, Govinda Narsingh K.C., and also its current President, Shriram Adhikari. The original list reportedly included 180 dishes of Nepali cuisine, which were reduced to 23 dishes, mainly on the view that the ingredients be available globally. Another main criteria was that the dishes had to be strongly associated with Nepal. The recipes have also been made in a way that is easy to follow so that they can be learned by anyone.

The final list includes 5 varieties of traditional Nepali soups, 4 items as starters, 11 as main course, and 3 desserts. These dishes are currently under study at the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, Babarmahal, to define their nutritional values and calories count, so that the data may be provided to health-conscious consumers.

According to HAN General Secretary Binayak Shah, the organization is conducting a launch program of these dishes by the end of March where the official recipes for the dishes will be released in the form of recipe books, and more. The recipes will also be available on the HAN official website, and video tutorials will be available on Youtube. Shah hopes that the recipes will be taken up by the Non-Resident Nepalis around the globe, not just Nepali restaurants and that this may eventually aid in the promotion of Nepali tourism and leave an enduring image in the global arena.