Hasina Wetland: A luring tourist attraction

30th Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

URLABARI, Jan 30 : Located in northern Morang-5 beautiful Hasina wetland area is attracting number of tourist as religious tourism centre.


Having different monuments of gods, temples, various species of plants, animals this place is giving full recreation to guests. Wetland also becomes one of the picnic spot, research and recreational center.

To make organized and attractive Nepal tourism board and district development committee of Morang have allocated the budget.

“Artistic water reservoir, Different state of the messenger of peace Buddha paradigm from birth to death which will be Great statue of Buddha in eastern region of Nepal and boat launching in pond preparations are being in work progress in Hasina Wetlands”, former president of Hasina Wetland, Ghanshyam Neupane said.

“Hasina wetland becoming more organized and managed in coming days so this progress should be continue”, locals said.

Hasina wetland is About 25 km away from Bashbari Chowk of Mahendra highway. The wetland area is spread in an area of about 75 Bigha.