Heaven in the Himalayas: Nepal's top 5 responsible boutique hotels

8th Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 8: It's been nearly two years since one of Nepal's major fault lines sparked the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that claimed at least 8,000 lives and many of the Himalayan nation's historic monuments.


Yet the damage is still being felt.

Online hotel reviews in Nepal are plagued by complaints of disruption by rebuilding work. Most of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites shattered during the quake remain in ruins.

And in 2015, tourist arrivals to the country were down by 30%, the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) tells CNN.

But positives have emerged. As Nepal slowly rebuilds its tourism industry, it's doing so with a new emphasis on safe architecture, sustainability and heritage, says Sudhan Subedi, press officer for the NTB.

"People today are more concerned about their heritage," he tells CNN. "They are newly conscious about building codes and architecturally they are making stronger structures."