Heli Air acquires flight permission set to start flights from next month

21st Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, August 21 : Helicopter Service Provider Heli Air Pvt. Ltd has acquired the permission for flights. The Civil Aviation Authority has granted the flight permission to the company on Sunday only.

The Heli Service Provider is set to operate with its base on Pokhara and Baglung Airport which will lay its focus on Mountain flight; sightseeing will operate its commercial service from next month.

“It is the first time in South Asia that a Light Helicopter is set to make debut in Nepali sky and we have hoped it will prosper the tourism activities,” President of Heli Air, Dharma Raj Bartaula said.

“It can operate under any weather condition and land in any circumstances. We will be using Gyrocopter for the landing purpose which will be an additional benefit for the tourists and it also has equal importance at the time of making rescues,” Bartaula said.

The Gyrocopter is one species of Helicopter which is only one passenger to board on. Heli Air currently has two Gyrocopters to operate.