Himalaya Airlines Announcing Vacancy for 130 Pilots

20th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Dec 20: Himalaya Airlines, private airlines service established with joint investment by China, has announced a vacancy for 130 pilots.

The airline company announced the vacancy to operate the 158 seat capacity “A30-214” Series Airbus. Himalaya Airlines is receiving three of these airplanes in the near future and two more sometime later. The airplanes will have 8 business class seats and 150 economy class seats. The company is currently using three A30 series airplanes to fly to four destinations in different countries. It has been making regular flights to Dubai, Doha in Qatar, Dammam in Saudi Arabia, and Kuala Lampur in Malaysia.

“Adding more destinations to move forward in the competition needs more airplanes and more pilots, which is why we are adding 130 pilots at one time,” said the Vice-President of Himalaya Airlines, Bijaya Shrestha, “most of the pilots that we have demanded will be foreign, while about half will be Nepalese.”

According to the company, it will hire five type-rated examiners (TRE), five type-rated instructors (TRI), and eight line training captains (LTC). Similarly, it is adding 28 type-rated line captains, and 28 non-type rated line captains, which will only be open to Nepalese citizens. Similarly, the company is taking in 28 type-rated first officer (co-pilots) and 28 non-type rated first officers, all of whom will be Nepalese.

“There is a small number of Nepalese pilots capable of flying large aircraft, which is why we are forced to take foreign pilots,” said Vice-President Shrestha, “We also have to give the foreign pilots facilities competing with international standards. Currently, more than two dozen of our 50 pilots are of foreign origin.”

According to the company, the age limit of TRE, TRI, LTC, and type-rated line captains is 63 years. Similarly, non-type rated line captains have to be under 55 years, type-rated first officers below 45, and non-type rated first officers have to be between 21 and 45 years of age.

Himalaya Airlines is also hiring 25 pursers, and 10 senior cabin crews. Pursers are age-limited to 50 years, while the senior cabin crew have to be between 21 and 30 years of age.

“The airplanes we are currently using are in need of pilots as well, while the two airplanes we are set to bring will be operated by these pilots,” said Vice-President Shrestha, “besides that, we are working to add new flight destinations to China.”

Himalayan Airlines was established with joint investment from Nepal’s Yeti World Investment Pvt. Ltd., and China’s Tibet Airlines, situated in Tibet. Yeti Investment has 51.01% share in the company while Tibet has 49.99% of investment. The airline was established with a total investment of 21 million dollars.

Himalaya has been making regular flights since 2072. It had reportedly planned to operate five A320 series airplanes for the first three years. Afterwards, it has made plans to operate A330 or Boeing 77 for long-distance flights like Japan, Europe, America, and Australia. It currently has permission to fly to 14 countries.