Himalaya Airlines postpones its flight service to 3 cities of China

29th Jan, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 29: Nepal's private-sector Himalayan Airlines, which has been flying to five cities in China, has postponed its flights to three cities immediately after an outbreak of the Corona virus spread from Wuhan city in northern neighbor China.

Flights from Changsha, Qiang and Shenzhen have halted after the Chinese government has banned its citizens from departing due to the virus that has been aggressively spreading in China for several weeks.

According to Himalaya Airlines Vice President Vijay Shrestha, the company will make regular flights to Peking and Chongqing. "Since the virus has a negative impact on Nepal's tourism sector, the government of Nepal, tourism boards, travel agencies should not delay in finding destinations other than China," he added.

Due to the Corona virus, China has stopped its travel companies from selling international tour packages for now. According to stakeholders, if this restriction is lifted, especially in the context of Chinese tourist arrivals expected to greatly contribute to Chinese tourist arrivals in Nepal.