Historic Balihanggadhi in the shadows

2nd Feb, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

PALPA, Feb 2: The historic Balihanggadhi Durbar area at Baldhenggadhi of Palpa district is lying in the shadows due to lack of publicity and promotion. The area is located at Baldhenggadhi VDC, which is also known as the ancient capital of the Magar kings.

[caption id="attachment_3414" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Balihanggadhi-Durbar -Baldhenggadhi-palpa-tmail-nepal 1 Balihanggadhi-Durbar site[/caption]

The remnant of the palace and the fort of the Magar king at Balihanggadhi is 50 kilometres to the south-west of Tansen, the district headquarters.

Despite its touristic, religious, cultural and historical significance, this area is still in the shadows for lack of promotion and preservation.

The Magar kings ruled over the area known as Magarat from 1450 BS to 1809 BS as per the history.

Balihanggadhi-Durbar -Baldhenggadhi-palpaThe ruins of the ancient palace and fort are atop a hill amidst thick forest. The area also has the ruins of a well and the other structures used by the then Magar king. There is also a temple.

One can enjoy the wider view of the Himalayas to the north to Lumbini in the south from this hill. The climate and the environment is also very pleasant. The area has high potentials for being developed into a tourist resort and a historical museum.

This area is just 15 kilometres to the north of Saljhandi of Rupandehi district from the highway. But there is no road to the Balihanggadhi area.

Balihanggadhi is an important national heritage for the Magar community as well as the country and it is awaiting the attention of the state for its promotion and preservation.