“Home Stay” introduced in Tarkariwali’s Village

15th Dec, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: The most esteemed village of Bhumlichowk, Gorkha which got fame along with Social Media icon Kusum Shrestha has newly started “Home Stay” for visitors.


On Mangsir 24, Nepal Magar tourism community organized Bhairavi “Home Stay” trip.  Vice president of Nepal Magar Tourism community Rajkumar Thapa said he organized the trip to promote the home stay and tourism sector of village


“From Fishling of Gorkha take 2 hours of trekking to get to Bhumlichowk and it is rich in naturally and culturally” thapa said. “One can observe Machhapuchre Mountain to Gaurishankar and different cultural program shown by Magar and Newar community. While Nepal is celebrating’ Ghumfir Barsha’ this program is initiated” General Secretary of the community Anup Thapa Magar said. Bhumlichowk lies at the height of One Thousand and Six Hundred Fifty Meters from the sea level.