Home-stay service started in Manang district

20th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 20: Home-stay services have been started in village settlements in the tourism district of Manang. The facility has been put in place with help from the Annapurna Conservation Area with the aim of developing the income source of village residents and to develop the village regions as well.

Chief of the Annapurna Conservation Area, Babu Lal Tiruwa, said that although Manang district is famous around the world for its trekking routes, home-stay facilities are necessary for domestic tourism promotion. Tiruwa said that the home-stay facilities would help to contain the increased number of domestic as well as foreign tourists visiting the region.

The home-stay facilities are being offered in two wards in Naso Village Municipality, with 15 houses in Ward No. 4 and 26 in Ward No. 8 offering home-stay. Odar Village of Ward No. 4 has become the first home-stay in the district while Tachai Village of Ward No. 8 has started the facility from July 18.

The home-stay locations are being promoted through music videos. Chief of Naso Village Municipality, Chandra Ghale, said that the municipality intends to connect all 8 of its wards to the home-stay service. Various training including cooking training, making local juice using ingredients like rhododendron and others.