Homestay service to be operated in Lafa Village

3rd Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 03: Homestay service is going to be operated in Lafa Village of Chaubise Village Municipality. The village municipality has separated budget for the required infrastructure for the development of the homestay. Chief of the village municipality, Yagya Kumari Ruchal, said that the home stay is being established to promote Magar culture as this village consists of Magar villagers.

She said that the budget has been separated for the training to operate homestay and to develop the infrastructure. She said that the fulfillment of infrastructure is almost completed so the homestay will be operated soon. Lafa Village consists of altogether 107 houses including the castes like, Lana, Kepchaki, Khulal, Saru, Pangni, Pithakote and Gauru.

This village can be reached by transportation within 45 min. The houses of the village are made with raw sand, bricks and tins. The village has facilities such as electricity, drinking water and other health facilities.