Hong Kong to ban flights from Nepal

2nd May, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 02: Hong Kong has banned flights from Nepal. With effect from May 1 (Saturday), Hong Kong has banned flights from Tribhuvan International Airport.

According to Karisma Shrestha, spokesperson of Nepal Airlines, the scheduled flights to the destination will be canceled as soon as the news comes from Hong Kong. No formal letter has been received, "she said." Once the decision to ban the flight is made public, we will do the same.

Hong Kong has previously blocked flights from India, Pakistan and the Philippines. Due to the new variant of corona virus spreading in South Asia, many countries are gradually tightening their travel through this region.

According to Hong Kong's latest rules, flights can be suspended for two weeks if at least five or more people from a single destination are found to have corona. During the previous wave, the flight of Nepal Airlines to Hong Kong was stopped several times for the same reason.