Hopes for Nepal’s out listing from the EU blacklist goes too far

1st Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Dec 01: The European Commission under the European Union has signaled red for removing Nepal from its’ blacklist despite changes and security assurances made.

Though it’s been over Four months that Nepal has been removed from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s SSC list the EU is still to remove Nepal from its list has signaled the fading hopes.

The regulatory body of Nepal Civil Aviation Authority also has signaled the potentiality of Nepal’s enlisting.

The Director General of the Authority Sanjib Gautam also reinstated that the EU has raised further questions and the attempts to settle it down are underway.

Stepping on the reports prepared by the ICAO experts after the field visit to Nepal the EU has been banning Nepali airlines to enter its sky from the period of four years.

But the team in Nepal some months ago had pointed the improvements seen in the field of operation and the conditioning which paved the way for Nepal to step out from the blacklist of the ICAO.

Immediately, the authority have had requested the EU to remove Nepal from its blacklist but no progress has been achieved yet.

A setback for the NAC

The national carrier of Nepal, the Nepal Airlines is all set to buy big aircrafts and has made the European countries its next destination with flight services by Widebody 330-200 series aircraft. But without getting a clean cheat Nepal will not be able to enter European skies.

The ICAO on 2009 have had made the very first audit of the flights of Nepali airlines and have suggested mitigative measures to be adopted to ensure the safety which stood very low at the time.