Hotel Annapurna staffs get Excellence at workplace training

14th Mar, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, March 14 : Hotel Annapurna of Durbar Marg in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu provided its staffs with training entitled “Excellence @ workplace” in association with Art of Living Foundation.

More than 3 Hundred and 50 staffers are benefitted from the training. The Hotel claimed that the training was organized with an intention to improve the technical and professional skills by issuing a statement.

Neeva Pradhan, an Art of Living corporate trainer, said that the foundation has been giving trainings to top management to line staffers of different organizations. "The program helps to develop leadership skills, communication skills and personality of business personnels. The program also helps one to become stress free. Only stress free staffers can give their best to the organization", she said.

The Art of Living Foundation has also been conducting 'iExcel iIntegrate' and iExcel iDrive training programs for organization staffers. These programs help staffers to know about the value of their responsibility toward the organization, the statement added.