Hotel Central Plaza Begins Operation

22nd Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KOHALPUR, Nov 22: A new four-star hotel is starting operation at Kohalpur, a rising tourist destination of Nepal. Hotel Central Plaza, which is situated at Mahendra Nagar Road of Kohalpur, was built with an investment of Rs. 50 Crores with many facilities.

The hotel, which is spread over a total area of 16 ropanis, has a capacity of 77 rooms. The hotel will serve internal as well as external tourists moving towards Central and Far-Western regions, said the director Devanand Aryal.

The hotel features a swimming pool, two bars, and three seminar halls. The seminar halls have a capacity to host 30, 100, and 1000 people respectively.

The hotel also has facilities of a spa, gym, a shopping complex, and a bakery. Central Plaza Hotel has 5 Presidential Suites, 4 Family Suites, and 20 Super Deluxe rooms, with the rest being deluxe rooms. The swimming pool also features a bar with outlets, said director Aryal.

Kohalpur also has another hotel by the name of Center Plaza, which has 23 rooms. The hotel also falls under one of the premium hotels of the region.

Devanand Aryal, who had gone to South Korea for employment, returned to Kohalpur in 2009 to enter the hotel business. According to him, the hotel offers rooms appropriate for all kinds of visitors in Kohalpur.

Since Kohalpur experiences hot climate for 9 months of the year, Aryal’s aim is to attract 30% of his guests through the means of the swimming pool facility.

Kohalpur is a transit point of the Central  and Far-Western regions. Travellers going from Kathmandu to the Western districts have to stay at Kohalpur compulsorily.

People travelling from Delhi, India to Kathmandu through road also tend to stay the night at Kohalpur. Kohalpur is a day’s walk away from Delhi, where people stay a night before leaving for Kathmandu the next morning.

Furthermore, Banke zone, where Kohalpur is situated, is also seeing increasing business activities in recent days. Aryal says that the medical college situated nearby has also increased the number of people in the area.

There has also been a quality roadway established between Kohalpur and Nepalgunj. There is an increasing activity of NGO and INGO organizations alongside development projects in the Central and Far-Western regions due to which the region sees high-profile customers as well. Hotel investors are currently being attracted towards Banke for these reasons.

“We have rooms suitable for all kinds of guests visiting Kohalpur. Customers who have taken rooms can have breakfast as well as other facilities in the hotel without paying,” said the Managing Director Devanand Aryal.