Hotel central Plaza introduces tour package for indian tourists

29th May, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

BANKE: Delhi to Rara adventure tour package for Indian  tourists has been launched by Hotel Central Plaza, a five-star hotel in Banke.

To promote Rara Tourism Year 2020 campaign among Indian tourists, the five-star hotel in collaboration with World of Overland Adventure Travel Agency of India has introduced a seven-day tour package.

Similarly, the aim of the hotel is to promote its business as it currently depends on the currency gained from the pilgrims of Muktinath and other seasonal tourists. 

Dewa Aryal, managing director of Hotel Central Plaza in Kohalpur, informed that the first group of Indian tourists left for Rara on Saturday, May 25. 

The group of Indian tourists compromises of ex-military officers, corporate employees, and retired officers.  

With an automobile mechanic and trekking guide from Kohalpur the team of 17 Indian tourists have left for Rara.