Hotel Entrepreneurs Federation of Nepal shows their concern on negligence of government towards hotel sector

25th Jun, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, June 25: In order to save the hoteliers across the country from the current situation and to save the entire hotel business from going bankrupt, the Hotel Entrepreneurs Federation of Nepal has repeatedly informed the local government, state government and the federal government by submitting memorandums with various demands but their demands have remained neglected as there is no program in the budget brought by the federal government addressing their demands.

By releasing a press release,  the federation have mentioned that it is a big mistake on the part of the state to ignore the 80,000 hoteliers who have contributed a lot to the country's economy."Nevertheless, we would like to draw the attention of the government and heartily appeal to the federal government to provide the following relief packages to the tourism industry, especially the hotel business, which has been most affected by the current crisis,"  statement reads.

They demands are to provide a 50% discount for the rent during this lockdown period in full and for the duration of the transition period. In addition, the loan repayment period of the homeowners should be extended to provide relief to the homeowners. Also they have asked for electricity and water tariffs to  be waived for at least one year

Also, Arrangements to be made to provide one year business tax and all other types of revenue exemption as relief to the businessmen of the region most affected by the current pandemic and to extend the repayment of loans and installment taken from bank after 2 years. As the entrepreneurs in this sector have not received any business facility from the state so far, an arrangement should be made to provide loan at low interest rate by immediately evaluating the existing business as collateral.

Similarly, they have demanded for the clarification from government side regarding forcing Nepalese rescued from abroad to stay in quarantine paying high rates and also to make the hotel sector inclusive in Tourism Act 2076.