Hoteliers of Sauraha excited after arrival of tourists during Dashain

22nd Oct, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, Oct 22: Hoteliers of Sauraha, a tourist center in Chitwan, have become enthusiastic about the arrival of tourists during the Dashain holiday. The occupancy rate of the hotels these days is very good.

President of the Regional Hotel Association Chitwan Deepak Bhattarai said that the occupancy rate of hotels in Sauraha on Nawami, Dashami and Ekadashi was very good. According to him, the occupancy rate of hotels here at that time was more than 65 percent.

Domestic tourists who have not been able to go out for a long time due to Covid have come to Sauraha to visit. Tourists from India and third countries have also started visiting Sauraha. According to Bhattarai, President of the Regional Hotel Association Chitwan, about 10 percent of the tourists are from India and some from third countries.

Manager of Park Safari Resort Mahesh Khanal said that all the rooms of the hotel were booked from Fulpati to Monday. He has 65 rooms in the hotel. "Most of the Nepali tourists are from the Marwari community. There are also tourists from eastern Nepal and Pokhara," said Khanal. "Booking of foreign tourists has also started coming."

Khanal said that he is confident that the tourist attraction will increase now as various government and non-government organizations have to hold various programs. Suman Ghimire, the Manager of Jungle Safari Lodge, said that the tourism business of Sauraha has been much better this year as compared to last year. Stating that the tourist Sauraha came unexpectedly, he said that it was difficult to manage.

There are 5,500 beds in 110 tourist hotels in Sauraha. Dipendra Khatiwada, President of the Restaurant and Bar Association (REBAN), said that more than a thousand tourists had come to the Rapti bank on the day of Dashain Tika.

The number of tourists visiting Sauraha has started increasing after the opening of tourism activities in Chitwan National Park and Intermediate Community Forest. Chitwan National Park had opened a jeep safari inside the park from the second week of October.