Hotels in Banke hold the investment of 6 Billion rupees

8th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

NEPALGUNJ, July 8 : The investment in the hotel sector in Banke, Southern terai district of Nepal has received an investment of 6 billion rupees as the political situation of the country improves.

Hotels in Banke received the investment of about 1 Billion rupees in last year only. The entrepreneurs here have claimed that the investment is attracted with the overflow of tourists from India and other countries along with the domestic ones.

The flow of tourists have increased thrive of hoteliers in Banke because of which the investment in the Hotel sector has reached 6 billion rupees, the hotel Organization, Banke informed. Banke hosts about 2 hundred hotels including the small, medium and the big ones.

The Hotel Siddhartha View, Kitchen Hut Hotel, Hotel Batika and Hotel Sneha who has long been serving the local and international tourists has added an investment of 50 Crore, 15 Crore, 10 Crore and 15 Crore respectively, the Hotel Organization said.