Hotels of Sauraha region closed after the increased risk of COVID 19

23rd Mar, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, March 23: Hotels in Sauraha have been closed due to the increased risk of the Corona virus (COVID 19). Sauraha is also known as the main entrance of Chitwan National Park and all together there are 115 hotels in the area.

According to Deepak Bhattarai, President of the Regional Hotel Association, Sauraha, the hotel had shut down its service by issuing notice. He informed that the staff of the hotel were kept away by providing them leave. The area was getting deserted in the last few days as tourist traffic was decreasing. The hotels have been shut down to reduce the risk of the virus. Access to the activities inside the Chitwan National Park has been blocked. 

According to Gopal Ghimire, Assistant Conservation Officer of the park, the ticket counter at the park has been closed. Along with this, activities like safaris, elephants, boat boats, etc. are not allowed inside the park. The Tharu cultural museum in Sauraha has also closed. The activity of the Sauraha region has been hampered by the impact of corona virus during the main season for tourists.