Hotels on the rise in Makwanpur area

30th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 28: The number of well-facilitated hotels has been on the rise in Thaha Municipality and Indrasarovar Village Municipality, Makwanpur. Hotel establishments are popping up as more and more tourists, domestic as well as foreign, are coming to the area. Local youth have also brought into operation "De Lake Side Simlang" hotel since the past few months.

The hotel has been constructed at an investment of Rs. 30 million which has been equipped with a swimming pool as well as a conference hall. The hotel serves local dishes with organic ingredients including nettle soup, corn rotis, etc. The hotel is located to the side of the Kulekhani-Kunchal road and has been quite popular since starting operation, claims owner Pramod Joshi.

Other hotels, big and small, have started operation in a short span of time in the Indrasarovar area, many of them on the banks of the Indrasarovar Lake to provide guests with a fantastic view. Om Adhyaya hotel in Bajrabarahi, Thaha Municipality, has been brought into operation at an investment of Rs. 90 million and has the capacity to accommodate 160 guests.