Hotels operating in Pokhara to remain closed till september

22nd May, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, May 22: Hotels operating in Pokhara, a major tourist destination of Nepal, will be closed till next September. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it will be difficult to maintain the standards in the current situation as the hotels in Pokhara will not be able to operate like the hotels in Kathmandu till next September. 

Western Hotel Association President Bikal Tulachan said, “It is not certain how far Lockdown will go. Opening the lockdown does not eliminate the effects of corona infection. As foreign tourists do not come immediately. it is difficult to maintain the standards as we have to serve the guests from the frontline even if they come from somewhere inside. ”

He said that in the current situation, operating expenses will increase and there is no place for tourists to go even if the government does not announce a relief package. He also motioned that fear has not been removed from the society. Due to Corona, it now takes one or two years for the hotel business to return to its previous state. Due to which, the livelihood of the hotel workers in Pokhara area has been lost.

Naresh Bhattarai, a tourism entrepreneur, said that only 15 percent of the employees of Pokhara Hotel Grand, Fistel, Barahi, Temple Tree and Landmark are working in Pokhara. He said almost all the employees of other hotels have returned home. At the present, there is no condition to pay salary when there is zero business in the hotel. What is the way now? He said that the government has been stingy in providing relief package for the overall tourism sector.

He said that the tourism sector has not been addressed in the policies and programs of the government. He said that it was necessary to bring relief package in the budget by giving priority to it.