ICAO directs Nepal to speed up unbundling process

7th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 07: The representative of International Civil Aviation organization (ICAO) has requested Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to finish the work of unbundling as soon as possible. Both regulatory body and service providers have equal role so they have urged to speed up the separation process.

In the meeting organized during the ICAO’s visit to Nepal, Representative of ICAO has suggested Tourism Minister, Rabindra Adhikari to finish the work of unbundling as soon as possible. They said that it would be ineffective if the same company is working as service provider and regulatory body.

According to the Managing Director of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Sanjib Gautam, They have requested to speed up the separation process as the service providers of the company cannot perform the work of regulatory body at the same time.

Speaking in the meeting, Minister Adhikari said that the separation work is being carried out and it will be completed soon. The government has invested 4 hundred million rupees to improve the status of aviation sector.